Love a Man in Uniform


So I just moved into a new apartment and like every good city girl I just feel utterly disconnected if I am not within reach of a wifi signal.  I waited all morning for the cable guy but when he finally arrived I realized he was well worth the wait. I had contemplated putting on something more modest before answering the door but when I saw the expression on his face as he studied my curvy figure in my pink panties and sheer T-shirt I could tell he didn’t mind.

Being a good hostess I invited him in and offered him a drink. I whipped up a pitcher of sangria and in no time we were sprawled out on my new Persian getting to know each other better being serenaded by Ray Charles courtesy of my newly connected high speed connection.

I traced my fingers along his muscled biceps while he told me more about himself. I learned that he had spent some time overseas in uniform defending his country. I wondered aloud if he still had his uniform and he assured me with a wicked grin that he sure did and he could even go home and change into it if I wanted. The thought of his lean body draped in camouflage sent tiny bolts of excitement through every inch of me.

He left and I waited, anticipating how the young marine would ravage my ready and all too willing tiny frame. Minutes felt like hours as I watched the seconds tick away all too slowly. I couldn’t wait any longer, I reached into my cotton panties, and just then I heard a knock on the door. This has got to be the first time in history the cable guy came too early I thought to myself as I got up to let him in.

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and in celebration I planted a tree in a nearby park. I think we can all do little things everyday to help the planet. Try to do something today, nothing is too small to matter. It could be as simple as waiting until you reach a garbage can instead of chucking your litter from the car window or maybe starting your own herb garden etc. There are a million possibilities and a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Sexy Foods

Sometimes when your getting bored in the bedroom, the kitchen can provide some inspiration. Here is a list of my favorite sexy foods…


Try pouring it over each other — and licking every drop off. If you are well-prepared, chill the champagne before your rendezvous so that when you hold the liquid in your mouth and tease her with your lips, she’ll feel the cool sensation.

Chocolate sauce

To change things up a bit, dip a paintbrush in chocolate sauce and draw a map on your body. Have your girl follow the path, hitting each of your hot spots as she journeys along. Add more chocolate to the areas you’d like her to focus on. In keeping with tradition, feel free to add in some whipped cream and a couple of cherries.


Juicy fruit

Licking the sweet juices is a treat for the libido and the taste buds. Making sure there is no sticky residue remaining is the best part — it will require harder sucking

Mr. Right


I had the privilege of watching the  debate the other night with quite possibly one of the most intelligent men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We are so bombarded with images of celebrity and the next reality star that sometimes it becomes difficult to remember in the midst of all this fabricated fluff that there are great guys that are not on the latest cover of Star or Fortune.  Perhaps this revelation had a little something to do with the hot guy cuddled up next to me and the seriously sexy way he listened intently while the fate of the nation was being decided.  

John prides himself on making his money the old fashioned way, hard work, delivering on a hand shake, and some good old fashioned luck. He wakes up each day determined to do his best, and hits the pillow each night exhausted after another long day, lucky for me he is able to make time for me every now and then.  

When I’m out with my girls I cannot begin to tell you how often I’ve heard that there are not enough good guys out there. The other night got me thinking that maybe the right guys are out there and we are just not seeing them. Maybe Mr. Right isn’t rapping into a microphone or flaunting his Rolex at the bar, perhaps he is working another late night and just couldn’t make it to happy hour.

12:30pm De-briefing

I was having a totally mundane morning and then Mr. Hermes texts me to ask “What u wearing princess?’. Mr. Hermes is this sexy six foot tall 40 something executive who got his nickname because the first few times I saw him he was always rocking a Hermes tie.  “Black panties and Pink T-shirt” I text back.  He comes back to me suggesting “Can you transform yourself into a sexy secretary and be in my office for a very important 12:30pm  De-briefing” Getting excited I go back to him with “Yes sir, right away.”

I get to work transforming myself into the secretary of his dreams. I jump in the shower, lathering  myself with his favorite vanilla scented body wash, after drying off I sprinkle myself with the accompanying body spray. Black Le Perla Lingerie, only the best for Mr. Hermes, finished with thigh-high black stocking with a delicate seam running along the back. Conservative royal blue dress that ends just below my knee, accented with demure pearls and a pair or faux reading glasses, and my hair thrown up in a bun to finish the look off.

I push open the glass doors of his immaculate office and smiled at the sexy receptionist behind the posh marble desk. I wondered if she would ever consider joining us? Blushing at my naughty thoughts I smiled and introduced myself to her as Mr. Hermes ‘s  12:30 appointment. She smiled back sweetly, damn she was cute and offered me a beverage. I declined and perched myself daintily in the glory that was Mr. Hermes waiting room, crossing my legs as I felt myself getting wet with anticipation.

Her receptionist advised he was ready for me, and walked me into his office closing the door behind her. Mr. Hermes stared at me and without saying a word came closer, wrapping his hands around my waist. He started to kiss my neck, while simultaneously loosening my hair. Soon his hand started to tease me as he gently positioned me on top…………………certainly a lunch meeting I will not soon forget.

“Press her parting lips as her waist I gather slow…”

I find I live in a world of emails filled with fragmented sentences, and rushed phone calls. Sometimes I forget to remember how beautiful words can be. Recently I was reminded by an unlikely source, a very sexy banker, who read me the most beautiful poem…

Love in the Valley

 Under yonder beech-tree single on the green-sward,
Couched with her arms behind her golden head,
Knees and tresses folded to slip and ripple idly,
Lies my young love sleeping in the shade.
Had I the heart to slide an arm beneath her,
Press her parting lips as her waist I gather slow,
Waking in amazement she could not but embrace me:
Then would she hold me and never let me go?

Shy as the squirrel and wayward as the swallow,
Swift as the swallow along the river’s light
Circleting the surface to meet his mirrored winglets,
Fleeter she seems in her stay than in her flight.
Shy as the squirrel that leaps among the pine-tops,
Wayward as the swallow overhead at set of sun,
She whom I love is hard to catch and conquer,
Hard, but O the glory of the winning were she won!

                                                        -Fragment of Poem by by George Meredith

Ménage-à-trois with Mr. and Mrs. Smith


So I saw this really cute blond the other night, and it got me thinking about girls. Last night I got my chance to be with this stunning goddess draped in long blond locks, perky little tits with cherry nipples, and a tight little ass, and her husband wasn’t bad either. Let us call them Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

 I get a call from Mrs. Smith letting me know it was their fifth wedding anniversary and she wanted to surprise her husband with something special, me. I could not have been more excited as I have always wanted to be with a couple. I got dressed in my best, delicate black French lace panties matched with a sexy see-through bra. Finished it off with black thigh high stocking, fuck me D&G heels, and a light Burberry trench (specially requested by Mrs. Smith).

I pulled up to this amazing mansion right out of a movie and rang the bell, my panties a little wet with anticipation. Mr. Smith opens the door and hands me a glass of bubbly, which I desperately needed to study myself before this Greek god of a man. His stunning wife took my breath away when she walked into the room, Barbie and Ken had nothing on these two.

After some light conversation we went into the bedroom where Mrs. Smith…

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